Turnkey Solutions for HVAC

Matsya is adept at designing and fabricating the " right " heating, cooling, and ventilation system for your operation in a wide variety of industries.And getting the specification and design right the first time is very important since HVAC is integrated into a building’s framework, making modifications both time consuming and expensive. Matsya provides complete ideation to completion services for clean room requirements.This includes design,engineering , executions and comissioning of HVAC as per standards that the industry demands.The team of highly qualified and experienced specialists helping design,engineering and execution of the projects on time.

Matsya specialises in designing various types of HVAC systems for industries and buildings.The company provides comprehensive consulting and supervision services ranging from traditional heating systems and ventilation systems to specialised specialised projects.Our Specialists have designed HVAC systems for vaious industries like aerospace,pharmaceuticals,hospitals, food processing units , commercial spaces , etc.

Filteration & Cooling

Filtration System: 2’x4’ HEPA Filters that are Fan powered or ducted Central Blower package. Standard final HEPA filters are 99.99% efficient @ .3 microns. ULPA grade 99.9995% efficient @ .12 microns are optional.

Environmental Control Packages: Air Handlers can control temperature and/or humidity levels. Units can be package or Split System with DX or Chilled Water Coils. Control systems are available with fully Programmable Microprocessor Control/Display with Remote Sensors.

Supply , installation , Testing & Commissioning

Matsya offers complete solutions for HVAC works right from CONCEPT to COMPLETION. Matsya with its group of associates takes complete responsibility of supply, installation, testing and commissioning including validation.Our team of professionals works under a client centric approach to make sure that our services meet the requirements on time.Some of the supplies include Ducts,Insulation, AHU's, Condensing Units,Grills , Diffusers, Dampers,etc